Title Domicilary Care Assistants


£8.60 during weekday shifts
£9.60 during weekend shifts
£11,30 for national holiday shifts

Location Berkshire West from London
Job Information

We offer:
Minimum 160 hours a month or 37,5 hours a week. Normally you can take more hours up to 220 hours a month.
Flexible working schedule; long hours;
All benefits as per the UK labor code.

We require:
Good communicative English equivalent  to at least B1 level.
You have to be able to drive our company vehicles or you have to agree to visit patients by using public transportation, bake or walk; If you are not a driver, we will give you patients near to each other and you will not be serving patients far away from each other. Also, before you are able to drive you will have to take few lessons with a driving instructor before we assign a vehicle to you;

Undertake, normally as part of a team, the care work for patients in their private homes.

Candidate Profile
1.Caring for elderly disadvantaged people with various health conditions.
2. Prividing personal hygene like: Changing, washing, bathing the patient
3. Cleaning the patient's house by cleaning the toilet and emptying rubbish bins. Light housework as per the cleaning schedule.
4. Making care plans, ensuring satisfaction to the best of the workers abilities.
5. Cooking and feeding the patient. 
6. Taking the patient out on walks and on various events when needed
7. Awareness of basic safe working practices.
8. Able to work without constant supervision to fulfil job tasks within deadlines.
9. Be able to prioritise when necessary.
10. Writing up reports on the patient, giving out pills and supervising the patient's health.
11. Changing catheters, oxidgen masks etc.
12. All duties and responsibilities must be carried out with due regard to Health and Safety regulations.
13. All candidates must possess an enhanced DBS check.

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