temporary employmentAgency workers are based on the Temporary Employment Act which allow agencies to employ workers for other customers for up to 24 months.  Agency workers service is becoming vital and important service over the years.  Every company at certain time will experience need for workers on temporary basis. Also, most employees at certain time must be away from work due to maternity, holiday/vacation, due to sickness or simply because they have a child and they need to be away for over two weeks. The law allow your workers to go on holiday etc while at the same time your business can not shut down becasue of it. Further, Agency workers decreases your administration cost and time.

“Now-hiring” Ltd is an agency that provides Agency Workers. We are happy to help and give the solution you need to keep working and keep making money.

Agency Workers were introduced in the UK in 2010 through the "temporary employment angency act". This service  is popular and allows the agency to lease personnel,  to another company(employer) under their control for short period of time. All the workers have the same rights as your employees who are on your payroll and this service is surely saving you time and money becasue you are not paying recruitment fee and all taxes, pension plan and NI is all covered and taken care of from us.  This service is provided until certain job or a project is completed, the trial period is completed or until the company's employees return back to work after certain period. employmentThis is a flexible solution for the employers, that need new employees, but don’t want to employ them direct and can’t hire them permanently!

The reasons for this can be various and different. Law barriers, corporate policy, hiring personnel for the high season, to work on projects, as well as optimizing the business by taking out departments in the business that are outside the regular scope of activity.

 Finally, you can count on us and entrust our employment services. Our agency can send an immediate replacement of workers for the period of absence of your employees or for the period of the particular project. There is no liability of entering into employment contracts; the vacancy becomes available to your employee immediately after its return and you had your work done. Our agency specializes in accounting, health care, cleaning, technical and secretarial workers but would be happy to provide staff in other fields too.

We are happy to provide you with references if required!